One of the most stressful and uncertain times in your life involves divorcing your spouse.   You naturally, and instantly,  flood your mind with questions:  "Where are the kids going to live? How often am I going to see my children?  How much can I expect child support or a spousal support obligations to cost? Who has to move?  What happens to our house? ... all our property? ... our bank accounts? ... our retirement funds?  ... our debt?  What are the tax consequences? What if my spouse fights the divorce? How long is the process?  How much does it cost?"  Typically, these questions, along with others, rush through your mind, causing uncertainty and anxiety.    Our office understands that a divorce proceeding touches just about every aspect of your life, from personal matters, to issues surrounding your home, property, finances, retirement, and most importantly, your children. We realize that while emotions are  usually involved, our job as your lawyer is to provide you with straightforward, honest answers so that you can make well-informed decisions, some of which have lifelong effects.   As Mr. Wisher handled divorce cases for over 23 years, please  give the office a call to discuss all your options and, if needed, to meet and discuss your case in detail.

While experiencing a divorce is, at a minimum undeniably unsettling and, at its worst, can consume your thoughts on a daily basis, the Law Offices of Daniel Wisher attempts to take as much stress out of the process as possible.  In our experience, we feel that the best way to reduce this anxiety is providing our clients with information and practical advice about the divorce process, the short and long term consequences of your decisions, and straightforward and honest answers to your questions.  Armed with the right information and advice, you feel more empowered in the decisions you make and confident in your actions.  

Of course, no information or legal advice can remove the emotional element to any divorce action; however, by allowing our office to assist you in the legal aspect of your case and the decisions you make, you can devout more of your time to healing and emotional repair.  It is the our job, if hired, to zealously represent your interest and advocate on your behalf, without being hindered by emotional investment.  While our office is empathetic and understands your personal strife, we feel that it is in your best interest not be become emotionally invested in your case.  Otherwise, our judgement may be tainted by, or our advice may be influenced by, emotions rather than sound legal advice.   The Law Offices of Daniel Wisher feels strongly that this approach  gives a client the  best chance to maximize their benefits while minimizing their stress.  

The Law is reason free from Passion  -Aristotle  

With over 23 years of experience in handling divorce and matrimonial matters, legal separations, and post-divorce enforcement or modification issues, you can feel confident that our firm can assist you in protecting your rights.  We have handled all types of divorce matters, from simple uncontested divorces to the most complex and contentious cases.  Please give our office a call if you wish to discuss your options or have any questions.

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