Family Court

Other than traffic court, Family Court in New York is probably the most common court a person may have exposure to.  This is primarily because it encompasses several aspects of a persons everyday life.   For example, Family Court addresses:

  • child custody, visitation and support for persons who were never married
  • child custody, visitation and support for married people who have not started a divorce
  • enforcement and modification of prior family court orders
  • enforcement and modification of divorce judgments surrounding child support, custody and visitation
  • paternity petitions
  • family offense matters
  • adoption petitions
  • juvenile delinquency hearings
  • persons in need of supervision (PINS)
  • guardianship petitions
  • child protective proceedings
  • termination and restoration or parental rights
  • temporary and permanent foster care placement

As a result of the variety of different aspects of the law, it is important to secure an attorney who is knowledgeable and well versed in all the ares that family court may encompass.  This is especially true in family court actions because in most instances, many of these areas of the law interrelate and several petitions must be filed in order to secure your desired result.  Examples of how these areas are correlated can be seen as follows:  Child support/Paternity; Custody/Child Support; Family Offense/Custody or Visitation; Juvenile Delinquency/PINS; Child Protective Proceedings/Foster Care Placement; Termination of Parental Rights/Adoption.  The interconnection between these actions are countless, and if a person files the wrong action or fails to state a claim as required by law, they may find their action dismissed or the relief they seek may result in more court appearances, costs, missed time from work, and travel expenses.  This can result in frustration and anxiety to actions that are already considered extremely sensitive.  Therefore, it is important that you discuss you case with someone who understands your situation and you goals. 

With over 20 years experience in Family Court matters, please give our office a call.  As there is no cost for you initial consultation, we urge you to sit down with us so that you can make an informed decision about your case and have realistic expectations about the desired outcome.  Call our office at anytime and let our expertise and knowledge work for you!

Family Court Resources


Family Court Locations


Erie County Family Court

One Niagara Square

Buffalo, NY  14202


Niagara County Family Court (Lockport)
175 Hawley Street
Lockport, NY  14094


Niagara County Family Court (Niagara Falls)

775 Third Street

Niagara Falls, NY  14301